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What is Plasma?

What is plasma?

Plasma is currently used as the standard treatment of trauma patients, who are actively bleeding.  In contrast, red blood cell transfusion is the part of whole blood that has the red blood cells that help carry oxygen.  FFP is taken from donors and frozen within 8 hours.  Type AB is the universal donor.   Since it must be frozen within a short time, there is a limited amount of AB-FFP and limited time to know if the plasma is AB.   To have more type AB plasma that can be given to trauma patients, we use plasma that is frozen within 24 hours called AB-FP24  plasma.  AB-FP24 plasma is almost the same as AB-FFP.    There are smaller amounts of a few specific proteins that help your body clot.  This matters for patients who need those specific proteins, but AB-FP24 plasma still works for trauma patients who need clotting proteins after severe injury.  AB-FP24 plasma used in this study is collected from pre-screened blood donors at blood banks (i.e. Bonfils Blood Center).